Monday, 1 September 2014

Moodboard Sept 2014 - Sand & Blues

A new section here at the blog, where I will be showing the colours, patterns, fabrics, furniture and more .. that inspire me for the next few weeks. Although I like following some trends, whether in fashion or interior design, I know I get influenced as well by how I feel, the experiences I have just had or exciting things about to happen - a mix of everything!

So here my moodboard for this month.

SAND: very much attracted by my visit to Ibiza this year, the neutral colours, the sand in the beach, the simple and beautiful decoration in the houses.

SEA BLUES: the turquoise of the clear water near the beach & the deep blue of the sea. I have also added a mixed blue, between grey and blue, which reminds me to the last days of August, the rainy days and the summer storms.

Autentico Chalk Paint: Sand, Antique Turquoise, Sailors Blue and Troubled Water. Available here at the club.
Fabrics: Stripes and pattern turquoise: Fabrics Galore, Blue with birds: Flight voile, available here at the club. Hessian and white linen.

Do you have a moodboard? what are your favorite colours for the next few months?


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Summer ...

It's that time of the year again. 
My favourite holidays, at home in Spain. 

We usually have a few days at my mums house with my family and then we take the kids out for a week or so somewhere by the beach. This year we are going to Ibiza. 
The benefits of being Spanish :-) 

The club will open again on the 26th of August with lots of new and exciting classes and other events. We will be adding these in the next few weeks!

Have a wonderful summer!

I will be posting a few updates here on the blog, Instagram and Facebook. 
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Facebook: theoldschoolclub
Twitter: craftschoolclub

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

And we were at Makegood!

A year ago I joined the School for Creative Startups programme. I had just got the new premises in Battersea and I was ready to work on my business and make it a success. I had visited the S4SC during their showcase at Somerset house and had pitched my business idea to Doug Richard. I was full of energy and I had lots of great ideas for The Old School Club, this course was the right thing to do.

And I must say that I have enjoyed immensely, I have learned how to create the brand, to know my market and to run a business. We have had amazing talks by very talented people, on social media, how to pitch, how to negotiate and less exciting but very important, financials. We have also received plenty of support from the programme managers and our mentors.

This all culminated with Makegood, a festival of culture, creativity and entrepreneurship where 200 very creative people showcased their big dreams. And it has been amazing.

Our stand, showing the three areas of the club: Learn, Make & Share